Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Hello all,
Please Vote No on Measure B!


Our streams are in ruin, promises broken and now they want more money. Close to 14,000 people are allowed to live in the streams without restrooms and showers, living off the endangered fish, and now the salmon are nearly gone. This 16 inch Steelhead Trout was caught at the north end of HP pavilion at the Coleman Rd Ranger Station. There are many other fish in this area as well. While I was trying to land this fish, A Homeless individual threw their garbage in the water. I had to hide what we had caught fearing that they might know where fish are and come back to fish for food. As soon as it was clear we released the fish.

For years we have been have been recording on film and video these micro habitats that are now quickly disappearing due to lack of attention. Now the Santa Clara Valley Water District wants more capital resources to continue their mismanagement of the local river systems.

Watch these videos from some of our local environmental organizations to learn more about why you should vote NO on Measure B.

Pass these videos on and share the message,

Thank You,
Roger Castillo
Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Group (SSRG)

Our Streams and Voting No on Measure B

Concreto o La Naturaleza: No por Proposicion B with Ricardo Cavallera

Measure B Won’t Retrofit Anderson Dam with Roger Castillo

Measure B Won’t Protect Our Water Supply with Richard McMurtry

Concrete or Nature: No on Measure B with Ricardo Cavallera

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