Mon. Jun 24th, 2024
Conceptual renderings of proposed display design for MEL

The Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Group is proud to announce our newest adventures. The River Lab Exhibit, the Mobile Environmental Lab (MEL) and soon to be announced Silichip University.

Currently our educational services provide learning experiences from grade school to college prep and university level courses with a focus on environmental sciences pertaining to watersheds, wildlife habitats and our responsibility to them. Key points are explained and enhanced with some of the remarkable discoveries by Roger Castillo and his years of diligence in exploring and studying our local river systems. Our goal is to provide education about local stream environments and promoting children to make their own discoveries. To conduct themselves as “Citizen-Scientists”.

The River Lab Exhibit provides a working lab to explain river hydraulics and design concepts, dredging, pollution, and other impacts to our river systems.

Currently in development, MEL – “The Mobile Environmental Lab” will be a mobile platform for providing our environmental science and educational services. Fully contained with learning resources, working models, hands-on displays, video and other multimedia presentations about our local watersheds and wildlife. MEL can bring environmental education to your school or organization. For more information visit Mel the Mobile Environmental Lab

Also in development is Silichip University. An online study course that will promote “Restoration through Education” and enable children to become “Citizen Scientists”.

For more Information about our current courses and exhibits contact us

This video shows a preliminary setup of the River Lab Exhibit with (CHEER) at their first annual coastal underwater cleanup and contains a message about the growing concern with our waterways today.

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