The Stream

Stayin’ Alive as a Salmon!

Source: theFrizzlives

Salmon in the Guadalupe

Source: ndaz55

Beaver Story

Source: Steve Holmes

Beaver in Downtown

Source: Gregory Kerekes

East side path on Guadalupe River

Source: Richard Masoner

Beaver caught in plastic

Source: Gregory Kerekes

Beavers Reappear in San Jose

Source: KRON TV4

Guadalupe River King Salmon Spawn

Source: MatesMusicians

Headwaters of the Guadalupe

Source: MatesMusicians

Mallard ducks in the Guadalupe

Source: Marianvalkyrien

Guadalupe River after heavy rains

Source: Dan Potter

A Watery Dump

Source: Kevin Schenk

Beaver in Downtown Part 2

Source: Gregory Kerekes

Keep Guadalupe Clean

Source: MiguelMMarcM

Guadalupe River

Source: webmasterbill2

Beavertown San Jose

Source: Gregory Kerekes

Guadalupe River After Rain

Source: Clifford J Thompson

Coyote Creek (my happy place)

Source: andrizzleo9

Orchard Parkway Preservation

Source: MatesMusician

Western Burrowing Owl

Source: MatesMusicians

Are Bay Fish Healthy?

Source: 2ndWindThtre