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A Mammoth Discovery!

salmoncazadorRoger Castillo and his dog Jenna were at the Children’s Discovery Museum to open the new exhibit “A Mammoth Discovery!”. A home for the Mammoth he discovered while exploring the Guadalupe River in San Jose, California.

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Children's Discovery Museum

Children’s Discovery Museum

Be sure to visit the Children’s Discovery Museum to see Lupe and explore many other fun hands on exhibits.

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The Governments Responsibility of Public Trust to the Environment

Source: “Moyers and Company”

The very agencies created to protect our environment have been hijacked by the polluting industries they were meant to regulate. It may just turn out that the judicial system, our children and their children will save us from ourselves, Mary Christina Wood, a legal scholar, tells Bill Moyers.

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The Silichip Project

SSRG has announced the “Silichip Project” to bring together local resources for establishing an Environmental Science Program. ‘Restoration Through Education’ is the theme for our newly initiated directive. We hope to promote an understanding of wild life, natural environments and our responsibility to them in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. read more

Where did they come from?

salmon pictureWe believe our ‘Silichip’ Chinook has been migrating the Guadalupe River for years. We have spoken to residents who have seen salmon in the rivers as far back as 1940. We are looking for people to help us document the history of the river, salmon, trout and its wildlife. If you have any information, stories, or pictures please contact us. We will put them on the website for others to learn from. To learn more visit our Research page.

More Salmon Videos

These videos are from 1992 – 1996 and show a history of the Salmon and efforts to cleanup and restore the river by citizens, with the help of public and private groups. Eventually the blockage was removed and a fish friendly series of waterfalls were constructed to help migration. It shows how we can all get together to improve our local wildlife habitats. It just takes your involvement.So what are you waiting for? Become a member to show that you care. Membership subscription is free. Then give us your ideas, Volunteer your services, Sponsor a page or Host a Clean Up. There is a lot you can do to help.

Watch more videos in The Stream

The Hillsdale Barrier
Pollution and Goodwill?
The Cleanup
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Preliminary launch of (SSRG) Trailer River Lab Exhibit.

The Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Group is proud to announce our newest adventures. The River Lab Exhibit, the Mobile Environmental Lab (MEL) and soon to be announced Silichip University. Currently our educational services provide learning experiences from grade school to college prep and university level courses with a focus on environmental sciences pertaining to watersheds, […]

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Saturday 19th of March 2016 (CHEER) and (SSRG) Joining Forces

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State files water pollution complaint against San Jose

State files water pollution complaint against San Jose for failing to clean up homeless encampments We are pleased that Warden Lt. Byron Jones has moved this action forward. This is a great leap forward in cleaning up our rivers. You can read the full article below or follow the link here We at the […]

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Common Ground TV

This video originally aired in 1997 by Common Ground (approx. 28 min) Hosts – Griff Derryberry and Craig Breon Guests: Mike Silveria – Trout Unlimited Roger Castillo – Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Group Mark Wolf -National Heritage institute Larry Johmann – Guadalupe Coyote Conservation Resource District The Common Ground panel discusses the surprising return of […]

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Extreme Drought Journey

What seems like a refuge soon becomes a deathtrap. This video shows some of the effects of flash runoff on wildlife in our local rivers.

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